Training Opinions


Lab technicians, respiratory therapists, phlebotomists and custodial workers all face trying times in this high-pressure environment. In spite of the problems caused try here by the virus, WRH has begun major construction projects. Most notable is the crane lifting supplies to workmen atop the hospital. They are completely removing and replacing the roof that has leaked for many years. The project originally was scheduled to be completed in February, but construction is ahead of schedule, Brewer said. The new roof should be fully in place sometime in January, as long as the weather holds. Work has begun on a Medical Office Building (MOB) which will house a suite for all of the specialists who come to Demopolis to treat patients. Those include the “UAB surgeons, cardiologists and other specialists we are working to get in here very quickly,” Brewer explained. “They’re working nights and weekends on that pretty much around the clock.” Earlier this week the hospital began the renovation of the ICU, expected to take 82 days, he continiued. The detox unit was closed and rearranged to house ICU patients during the interim.